Interlaced Festival is Coming to the Lynnwood Event Center!

June 21-22, 2024

We are looking for vendors,
Dancers, Influencers, & more

Food From
Around The world!



Interlaced Festival

every step matters

At The District, we believe our culture is the heart and “sole” of who we are.

We all have a physical, social, and psychological relationship with our shoes. It all starts with our baby shoes, indicating shoes accompany us on the journey of life.

The Interlaced Festival will lace up with the world's love affair with shoes, while sharing the diversity and history of shoes from all walks of life, in all parts of the world.

Expect to Step Into


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we are Looking for vendors,
Dancers, Influencers, & more

We are an arts and cultural festival for all who love shoes. Guaranteed to leave footprints on your sole, Interlaced Festival is a fun and fascinating celebration for all walks of life.

Vision: To feed the “sole” of all that love shoes.

Mission: Lacing lives together one shoe at a time.

If you are interested in joining us as a vendor, sponsor, influencer, or performer we’d love for you to join us. Click below if you’re ready to jump in.

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