2024 Raffle Rules:

There will be up to 20,000 tickets sold. Tickets for this raffle can be purchased from June 21 – June 23 at the Interlaced Festival for $1/ticket. Raffle tickets must be purchased in-person, with CASH ONLY.

Winner will be drawn at 6:15PM onsite at the Lynnwood Event Center on Sunday, June 23rd. Winner need not be present to win. Must be 21 years of age or older to win. No limit to the number of tickets purchased by one person. Prize cannot be traded for another item. No Cash Value.

How to enter the raffle:

  1. Attend Interlaced Festival 2024
  2. Buy $1 raffle tickets—there is no limit on how many raffle tickets you can buy. Tickets must be purchased with CASH ONLY.
  3. On each raffle ticket stub, write your name, phone number, address, and email address. Make sure you write neat and legibly!
  4. Tear off the contact info stub, and keep the ticket portion that says “2024 Raffle” on it.
  5. Tell the team staffing the raffle table which buckets you would like your ticket(s) to go into for the prizes you would like to win! You may put raffle tickets into different buckets for a chance to win different prizes, or all in the same bucket.
  6. Wait and see if you win!

Interlaced Festival Artist Raffle Payment Terms

The following artists are entitled to an equal share of proceeds made from the 2024 Interlaced Festival Artist Raffle:

  1. IN FOLKMOTION CLOGGERS  (Declining to take a share of proceeds)
  2. Noah Ngyuyen 
  3. Belly Dancing by Zaphara 
  4. Beatbox Panda 
  5. Seattle Irish Dance Company 
  6. Happy Dance Studio  (they are only 5 min each)
  7. Prince Catcho 
  8. Ghost pets 
  9. Pacific Northwest Dance Foundation 
  10. Gayatris School of Kathak 
  11. FCS Kalahi 
  12. Karon Dance Ensemble 
  13. Dartanian London 
  14. Mucho Improv 
  15. Zje Mongol 
  16. Holly Dean 
  17. SAYAW 
  18. Candice and Friends 
  19. AV Penguin Design
  20. Henna For Fun
  21. Emzys Doodles
  22. Irie-Create
  23. Peachful Creations
  24. Sara’s Global LLC
  25. Kami Kazi Arts

In total, 24 shares will be paid out for the 2024 Artist Raffle. If an artist consists of multiple individuals (i.e. a group of 2 or more), they will still only receive one share, and the division of this pay will need to be decided amongst their own group. Payouts will be given to the artists in-person, with CASH on Sunday, June 23rd between 6PM-8PM. If an artist is not available to accept the payment within the allotted time frame, they must contact MARY KAE REPP at mk@genesiscreatescolor.com, or (509) 995-7700, and communicate this. Payment will be mailed to the artist in the form of a check within 2 business weeks.

For the purposes of this agreement, “Proceeds” are defined as: any remaining cash earned from selling $1 raffle tickets, after deducting expenses for: marketing the raffle, printing raffle tickets, purchasing raffle boxes, and any miscellaneous expenses related directly with the raffle.