as a vendor

We are creating the most unique shoe-themed show in the world, and this is our first year! We are expecting this event to be big and have thousands of people coming back every year. This is your chance to be a part of it from the start.

We are looking for vendors who want to sell their products, or advertise their services, while supporting local artists and celebrating cultural diversity, all well telling their stories through the shoe theme.

Below, you will find more information about what partnering with the Interlaced Festival as a vendor looks like, including Frequently Asked Questions.

We would love to partner with you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Shoes?

At The District, we believe our culture is the heart and “SOLE” of who we are. We all have a physical, social, and psychological relationship with our shoes. It all starts with our baby shoes, indicating shoes accompany us on the journey of life. The Interlaced Festival aims to lace up the world’s love affair with shoes, while sharing the diversity and history of shoes from all walks of life, in all parts of the world.
Plus, shoes are fun!

What will I get as a vendor?

There are a total of 19 booths available, spanning from 10’x10′ spaces to 10’x30′ spaces.

As a first-year vendor, you will get:

What does it cost to be a Vendor?

Vendor Booths will range from a donation of goods or services to a set fee of up to $500/day for the most expensive booth size. Due to the unique nature of this show, some vendors will trade entertainment as form of payment, some will trade us items to contribute to our raffle, and some will simply pay a set cash fee. 

Once you submit your form, we will contact you to discuss further details about payment for your booth.

Want to Be a Vendor?
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Festival Venue

Interlaced Festival 2024 will be at the Lynnwood Event Center in Lynnwood, WA! Click on the map for a larger view.


The blue blocks on the map are Vendor booths. There are a total of 19 booths available, spanning from 10’x10′ spaces to 10’x30′ spaces.

Have Further Questions? Contact Us!

Mary Kae Repp

Creator of Interlaced Festival

Every Shoe Tells a Story

Interlaced Festival is owned and operated by The District. The festival is designed to be an annual event, the first ever Interlaced Festival will be June 21-23, 2024, held at the Lynnwood Event Center

We are excited to have CRAVE onsite as a part of the 2024 Interlaced Festival, with a Foods From Around The World theme, on Friday June 21st, 2024.  

The District has hired Mary Kae Repp, owner of Genesis Marketing, to manage the design and sponsorship sales of Interlaced Festival.