At The District, we firmly believe in creating community events that highlight culture, the arts, inclusion, and diversity, and are affordable for everyone to attend. Our mission is to support artists through these events.

Please keep in mind that, as a first-time festival, we are still working out the details of how we operate, what will be offered, and how we will handle all aspects of this event. If you have any further clarifying questions, or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact Mary Kae at: mk@interlacedfestival.com.

FAQs Table of Contents

Why Shoes?

At The District, we believe our culture is the heart and “SOLE” of who we are.
We all have a physical, social, and psychological relationship with our shoes. It all starts with our baby shoes, indicating shoes accompany us on the journey of life.
The Interlaced Festival aims to lace up the world’s love affair with shoes, while sharing the diversity and history of shoes from all walks of life, in all parts of the world. Plus, shoes are fun!

What is the budget allocated for dance performance? What is your artistic fee budget?

As this is our first year for this event, we do not have a budget to pay artists or performers. We are working diligently to create a partnership that will greatly benefit our artist partners. For example, we will be running a raffle, and 100% of the money generated from the prize raffles will be split evenly with all artists. Please see the detailed explanation of how this will work below.

What will I get as an artist? What are you asking from artists in return?

What you get, and what we are asking for depends on the artistic medium.
To lean more, go to our Artist Partnership page.

How does Interlaced make money?

We are not collecting funds from the artists or performers, or charging them to partner with us. We are creating partnerships to put on a one-of-a-kind event that is planned to be one of the World’s most popular festivals in years to come. How does it work? The only funds The District will make on this event is admission from guests, from sponsorships, and retail vendor booths.  

Are you able to support travel and housing?

We are not set up to offer fees of any kind. On a case-by-case scenario, we will look at seeing if we can assist with our hotel partners.

How many [shoe] artworks are expected from one artist?

Each artist is expected to have at least one created item visible in their booth to align with the show. Each artist is expected to create at least one item valued at no less than $150 for the raffle. All funds from raffle tickets sold will be equally divided by the artists and performers. The District will staff the table for the raffles for the entire show.

Will artist tables be indoor, or outdoor?

All of our Artist partners will have an indoor table, located either upstairs or downstairs. View the festival map to see the possible table locations.

What is your AI (Artificial Intelligence) Art policy?

We have a zero tolerance for AI-generated art, as we believe in supporting real artists, and do not consider AI-generated artwork to truly be “art”

As an artist, do I need a business license?

No, you will not need a business license to sell as an artist with a table.

Can I display and sell my other artworks also,
along with a couple of shoe-themed ones, or must all artwork be shoe-related?

Please sell your other work, too! We absolutely welcome all artists and performers with tables to promote themselves and their work. And we encourage you to sell. We have expressed our intentional plan to make this a good partnership, part of this includes allowing all artists and performers with a 6-foot table to sell their work and we will not take any commission. We do ask that you only bring product that is family-friendly, as this is a family event. There are restrictions on the types of things you can sell—please see details below.

Is my intellectual property going to be protected
if I create new pieces and donate them to Interlaced?

The art or services you provide for the Interlaced Festival will protect your intellectual ownership. For example, if you create a custom piece of art, we will promote it as, “Piece made by this artist” and raffle it. The artist will be able to create more in the future. The artist will own this design. The exchange is for the art piece given to The District to raffle. Each raffle ticket is $1, and it puts them into the drawing. All funds raised during this raffle will be equally divided between the artists and performers that join us in this cultural immersion at Interlaced Festival.

Is there a licensing agreement in place?

There is a contract that artists will have to sign, which will ensure your protection as an artist.

Further Details

Raffle Details:

We will be requiring all artists who have physical items to provide to give one item, valued at a minimum retail value of $200. This item must be within the shoe theme. The item must be approved by the Interlaced Festival show management team. Raffle tickets will be sold for $1. All funds raised will be equally divided between performers and artists. The District’s staff will set up a table for the raffles and will handle all details of selling raffle tickets. The funds from the raffle will be equally dispersed within 1 week of the Interlaced Festival being over. The funds will be dispersed through a check written by The District to the artist/performers.

Admission to Interlaced Festival:

There will be an admission charged. The cost for admission will be determined and posted on the website and social media by Monday May 6th. The District is committed to providing exceptional unique events at an affordable price for all.   

Booth costs for artists and performers:

All approved performers and artists will be given the following:

  • A FREE 6-foot table for both days of Interlaced Festival June 22-23. June 21st will be reserved for a small group of artists/performers only due to the event happening from 6pm to 8pm and only on floor 1.   
  • Ability to sell your product or services. You must stay within your product/service details. A general list of what you will plan to sell in your space will be required on the contract with the Interlaced Festival. The purpose of this is to keep the show from having too many of the same types of items.
  • There will not be a commission charged by The District for anything sold.
  • You will receive social media posts promoting your product/services.
  • You will receive a logo and information about your art business/service on Interlaced Festival.
  • If you are a performer you will be featured on one of our two dance floors/stages or in a pop up artist performance space on floor one or two    


Each artist/performers contract will be specific to them. Some similar items in each contract will be:

  • You will have the first right of refusal to join us in 2025.
  • Any shoe designs or décor created for this show, for your table décor, is owned by the artist/performer not owned by Interlaced Festival.
  • In some cases, you will have to provide proof of insurance, for example a dance school will need to show a copy of their insurance policy.
  • The contracts will state that Interlaced Festival must approve of your raffle item and what you are selling to hold integrity to the show theme.
  • It is NOT required to have only shoe related items in your booth.
  • It IS going to be required to have some shoe type décor/product in your booth so the whole show is aligned with shoes in some way.
  • The contracts will state that Interlaced Festival will need to pre-approve your performance plan before it is committed that you are part of the festival.
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Festival Venue
Interlaced Festival 2024 will be at the Lynnwood Event Center in Lynnwood, WA! Click on the map for a larger view.

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Mary Kae Repp
Creator of Interlaced Festival
Every Shoe Tells a Story

Interlaced Festival is owned and operated by The District. The festival is designed to be an annual event, the first ever Interlaced Festival will be June 21-23, 2024, held at the Lynnwood Event Center

We are excited to have CRAVE onsite as a part of the 2024 Interlaced Festival, with a Foods From Around The World theme, on Friday June 21st, 2024.  

The District has hired Mary Kae Repp, owner of Genesis Marketing, to manage the design and sponsorship sales of Interlaced Festival.